LCHF Breakfast for one

There are times when I want pancakes for breakfast, but I don’t want the hassle of making a whole batch. Sometimes one is all you need. I developed this recipe for those times. It’s quite an eggy pancake, but that’s no bad thing! Perfect with bacon and blueberries for a nice filling LCHF breakfast.

1 egg
3 tbsp ground almonds
Butter for frying

Mix together the egg and ground almonds.


Fry in plenty of butter over a medium heat, for about a minute on each side.


Fry some bacon, and a handful of blueberries with a knob of butter and serve.



Two weeks of LCHF

Well it has been two weeks since the diet began, and so far so good. I seem to have lost about 2kg, despite feeling full most of the time and eating lots of saturated fat. I thought I would be suffering from carb withdrawal but I’ve had no cravings at all, and I’m generally feeling good. My eating habits have certainly changed. I am now eating a cooked breakfast every day, a snack for lunch (usually cheese-based) and then a fatty meaty vegetably dinner. My breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with lots of butter and double cream (and a few token tomatoes), yum! IMG_9507

Top tips for the perfect scrambled eggs:
Over-cooked scrambled eggs are watery. To avoid this, don’t add salt to the eggs before cooking (this draws out the water). The eggs will continue cooking when taken off the heat, so this is the best time to add lashings of double cream – this will stop them cooking and also make them super tasty.

Another change to my lifestyle has been the food shop. Usually this consisted of buying lots of carby things like pasta, bread, root vegetables, rice, along with some bits of lean meat here and there, a few green veggies, and low-fat milk and dairy products.

No longer. This is my new food shop:

Food shop

I have never looked at food labels before but now I find myself checking out the fat percentage – the higher the better. I feel strangely satisfied after finding a yoghurt with more than 10% fat (usually not many of these on the supermarket shelves), or a really fatty bit of meat.

I have been saving the meat fat after a Sunday roast and using it to cook the vegetables. I tell you, few things are tastier than broccoli cooked in lamb fat.

I know this seems like a lot to get your head around – it still feels a bit wrong to me. For those nay-sayers out there, I suggest you do a little bit of open-minded research and you may find that the recommended food pyramid diet is not all it’s cracked up to be (I had to get an egg joke in there somewhere).