Strawberries & cream; another LCHF breakfast smoothie

I thought I would share another breakfast smoothie, given my last one‘s popularity with the Googlers out there!

Makes 2 servings (or 1 if you’re really hungry)

60 g strawberries (mine were frozen so I defrosted them first)
80 g full fat yoghurt (or creme fraiche would be even better)
60 g extra thick double cream
160 ml can coconut cream
Pinch of vanilla powder / 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Put all of the ingredients into a jug and blend together with a stick blender (or put everything in a food processor/blender). I like to blend it a lot so it’s all thick and aerated like a mousse!




LCHF breakfast smoothie

breakfast smoothie
I’ve called this a smoothie but it is probably a bit too thick to be a proper smoothie (the spoon is necessary)…either way it’s lush. It’s not very sweet as it only contains a few blueberries, but I’m finding that having cut out all sugar for the last two weeks it is like ambrosia (of the Greek myth variety, rather than its custard form – although that is good too)!

Ingredients: smoothie ingredients
Half a handful of blueberries (sorry for the non-specific measure but you can probably tell how much I mean from the picture. Basically put in as many as you like.)
150g of the fattiest yoghurt available
2 tbsp sour cream/creme fraiche (just to ramp up the fat level)
50 ml double cream
Full-fat milk to loosen (I only added a splash but you can add more for a runnier consistency).

Put all ingredients into a blender or into a suitable receptacle for use with a stick blender. Whizz away to your heart’s content (I like to make a mess so my aim is to make it as frothy as possible)! This recipe makes about 500 ml so enough for today’s and tomorrow’s breakfasts.

Did you like this smoothie? Here’s another one! 🙂